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  • Clean World Conference 2015 in Riga (VIDEO)

    07.04.2015 | No comments

    Let's Do It! Clean World Conference 2015 took place in Latvia, Riga from 18th to 21st of February. Civic activits and opinion leaders from different countries around the world came and shared the know-how on organising massive grass-root events. See how it went, here.

  • Organisers of Massive Cleanup Actions Discussed About a Global Cleanup Date

    03.03.2015 | No comments

    The Let's Do It! Clean World Conference 2015 was held in Riga, Latvia from 18-20th of February, where civic activists and cleanup organisers from around 40 countries discussed plans on how to clean up the world from illegal waste, possibly doing that with a massive one day global cleanup action.

  • The conference has inspired the participants from all over the world

    01.03.2015 | No comments

    The international Let's Do It! Clean World Conference 2015 has successfully closed. 130 participants from approximately 40 countries shared their experience, knowledge, and inspiration for three consecutive days. Among the participants of Let's Do It! Clean World Conference, there were both annual visitors and those who participated in it for the first time and became new members of the international Let's Do It! movement.

    During the opening of the conference, all participants were formally addressed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Laimdota Straujuma, the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Kaspars Gerhards, Parliamentary State Secretary for EU Affairs of the Republic of Latvia Zanda Kalniņa-Lukaševica, the representative of Let's Do It! movement Rainer Nõlvak, Deputy Head of the Estonian Embassy in Riga Merje Stanciene, as well as Society's Pēdas LV Board Chairperson Vita Jaunzeme, who recited the African fairy tale about a humming bird, which moved everyone to tears.

  • The initiative 'The Green Referendum' was launched with the signature of the Prime Minister during the international conference

    19.02.2015 | No comments

    The Big Clean-up organizers' initiative "The Green Referendum" was launched today at the opening of the International Let's Do It! Clean World Conference 2015 in the presence of clean-up organizers from 40 countries. This initiative will mark a milestone in the development of The Big Clean-up. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia Laimdota Straujuma and the Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Kaspars Gerhards supported the goals of the initiative by signing it.

  • Environmental legislation

    17.02.2015 | No comments

    Abstract of workshop by Kadri Kalle


    Environmental legislation is not only something that happens somewhere in dark government corners.

  • The BIG THINK from Let's Do It! team

    17.02.2015 | No comments


    Can you believe it? Afghanistan is represented and not only - they are full on board and preparing to enter the list of 5% countries!


    Will the next Clean World Conference happen in Albania? All we know now is that Let's Do It! team has managed to shake civic activism to a whole new level in Albania!


    Wouldn't it just be awesome to have the Mediterranean clean once and for all? Algerians are definitely making an effort!

  • Climate change, the world in our hands

    11.02.2015 | No comments

    Abstract of lecture by Dr. Richard Milne


    Climate change will be the defining issue of the 21st century, even if many don't realise or acknowledge this yet. There is a massive gulf between the actions scientists say is needed and what is actually happening, which is at last partly due to a similar gulf between the public and scientists over the strength and confidence of the science.

  • Tips for participants of conference visiting Riga

    10.02.2015 | No comments

    Dear participants of the conference - please read the tips that will help you get around Riga and not to get in any trouble!

  • Attention - all the participants of the conference

    06.02.2015 | No comments

    As dancing is one of the most inspiring forms of human creativity, all the participants of the conference are asked to prepare the performance of their country's national dance for the multicultural activity of the conference. Please, get the music necessary for your presentation with you on a flash card. National costumes are not compulsory.


  • Things to consider before the conference

    31.01.2015 | No comments

    Let's Do It! Clean World Conference 2015 under the theme "Human being and the health of Planet - impact, feedback, action" is closer than you think. Riga is almost ready to welcome participants from all over the world, but they also should get ready!


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